A complete integration of the interior with the exterior and the permanent connection with nature and the environment.

From the outset, the idea behind this project has been to merge three key elements: architecture, environment and car.

Imagine a succession of spectacular twists and turns in the middle of mountainous landscapes with the sea in the background. There is no better plan than to enjoy a sunset on a road that borders the coast and allows you to contact the environment in a constant and direct way. The pleasure of driving, the nature of the landscape, and the perfect car make this experience a exceptional moment. This is an experience that we want to relive and extend throughout the stay in the house.

The complete integration of the interior with the exterior and the permanent connection with nature and the environment makes it possible to extend, in time and space, an adventure that began a few days ago on the road. We find ourselves with a space that guarantees continuity and constant communication with the experience of the trip, the environment, and the car. The boundaries between the two scenarios are blurred and become barely imperceptible.

From the outset, the idea behind this project has been to merge three key elements: architecture, environment and car, and turning the interior into a sheltered part of the exterior

Working with open spaces and making each one of them open a frame towards the landscape, while still generating a dialogue with the natural context.

The lineal opening of the garage facade provides a complete view of the parked car, thus integrating it to the residential area. The operable glass wall almost disappears in an attempt to blur the lines between the interior and exterior, allowing you to visualise once again the scenario that has accompanied you during your exceptional scenic car journey that will accompany you throughout your stay in the house.

The sheer character of the main part of the home enhances the amplitude of the spaces without interrupting the entry of light or the visual presence of outside vegetation. A structural system of openings is developed in order to carry out several tasks at the same time - by guaranteeing a balance of light, shadows and ventilation according to the location, the time of day and the season of the year.

Following the typical orography of the coast, the house is distributed in two heights, coinciding the day zone on the ground floor at street level and the night zone on the lower floor. The organization of the house flows along the domestic areas and internal spaces, especially in terms of abundant natural light and visual connection to the exterior. In this way, the dwelling is fully integrated with the natural environment and the absence of visual blockage is created. The aim is to blend in with the surroundings in order to guarantee harmony between the building and its surroundings and to simultaneously avoid disturbing the rhythm of the natural environment to facilitate both contemplation and activity inside the space.


Neutral and natural tones are also extended in the outdoor areas, transforming and adapting to the change of light and climate.

The day area consists of two large areas: the living/dining room with an integrated kitchen and a separate living room. In the morning, the soft light flows into the kitchen area, creating a playful shade. In the afternoon, the light reaches the living room in another pattern.

Both spaces have large terraces open to the outdoors. In the night zone, you will find the rest of the rooms, all of them connected to the external space of the swimming pool. 

The openings in the façade and the continuity in the use of materials and finishes act as means that help enormously to pursue this end. In both areas, the layout of the furniture is designed to maximise the views to the outdoors and thus support the home’s direct communication with nature.

The windows become paintings that frame the environment.

Only a few curtains are in charge of dressing and delimiting the interior space, leaving behind the landscape, thereby preserving the privacy of the guest without losing the impression of being outside. The house manages to create a visual and tactile continuity between landscape, architecture and the unique experience of travelling by transporting you, almost again, back to the road.

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