Located in the financial district of Dubai (DIFC), we find one of the most iconic buildings in the city: the Index Tower. The orientation and the privileged location of the tower allows us to enjoy one of the city’s architectural gems, the Burj Khalifa - the distinct symbol of the city that stands in the heart of the Downtown District.

The double heighted ceiling gives rise to a vertical frame and provides us a powerful perspective of the environment.

This particular project places us in one of the duplex penthouses of the tower.

The double heighted ceiling gives rise to a vertical frame and provides us a powerful perspective of the environment, enhancing proportion and verticality that is so characteristic of the city. On the ground floor, where the day zone and living areas are located, the distribution forms a tour of the main social & entertainment area: from the living room, library, and playroom all the way to the formal dining and kitchen area.

This project has a dual objective: on one hand, to maintain the flow of space towards the panoramic views to the city, and on the other, to present the perfectly connected social areas as a welcoming space for different groups of guests. 

Its architectural design and interior layout offer a consecutive series of zones around the core area that allows us to enjoy almost a 360-degree view of the city.

On the second floor, we find a more private area termed as the night zone –complete with a family living area and the rest of the rooms, office, and gym.  The purity of contemporary lines, the neutrality and the chromatic simplicity in the use of materials that can be found at street level in the DIFC are fundamentals of design that have also been devolved to this unit. 

Even the treatment of decorative light, constructive details and the special relationship between design and lifestyle architecture are transferred from the street to the project. 

Starting from a blank canvas, we have treated the flooring with a natural timber that unifies all areas of the first floor. The light and neutral color of the walls allows us not to lose focus of what the really impressive factors are of this unit: the height and the views that it offers. In turn, the added features allow the dwelling to transform and mimic the city throughout the day. 

All the furniture follows a contemporary language, with special attention to the construction quality, detail and the selection of materials. The disposition of the spaces is faced towards the city and interconnected to favor socialization, in accordance with customer requirements. The integration of some iconic furniture pieces serve to emphasize the detail and construction, function, and design that follows the whole project.  The main function of all architectural and decorative lighting is to allow the light to be shaped according to the activity carried out in the different areas: from a meeting or a guest gathering to a simply quiet moment of reading.


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