With the patio acting as the main protagonist in this project, we created the area as a central element of the home, through the provision of natural light and connection between the interior and exterior of the home, thus creating a relationship between the home and the patio space.

An open and transparent, minimalist house that invites in the outdoors by allowing a connection and communication between all its rooms.

The client contacted the studio enquiring about an advisory service. He was looking for our vision on a residential project he was developing with a local developer. After evaluating his requirements and the current status of the project, it was decided that we would work on the conceptual phase of the project in order to determine the design guidelines that the project should follow.

Our scope of work was to define the strategy of making the space; along with devising the diagrams, functionality, volumetry, distribution, and materialization of the future house.

The main aim of the client was to build a single-story house. This requirement is the one that ultimately influenced the initial approach and the final result.

The client wanted to incorporate the Mediterranean lifestyle into the project concept. The client shared, “I imagine my future home as a place where I can relax and share moments with my family and friends. I can already see myself in the garden drinking a glass of good wine and observing and enjoying the spectacular views”.

The client’s main objective was to build a single-story house. This requirement is the one that ultimately influenced the initial approach and the final result.

We were lucky to visit the city of Tbilisi before developing the project concept, where we discovered a great city full of history, culture, and traditions. We were struck by the hospitality of its people and their social life, and the amount of time they spent around a table, enjoying good food and drinking good wine among friends and family. This experience helped us to understand how we had to approach the project.

To the west of the old city of Tbilisi, we found residential buildings fully integrated into the natural surroundings. The location of this project in particular was within a wooden landscape, where a kind of native pine is very characteristic of the area.

If we place ourselves within the terrain, to the south we have a large expanse of forest, while in the east we are presented with a wonderful view of the city of Tbilisi. The disposition and mixture of these elements allowed us to plan the house oriented in the best way we could imagine. We opened the house to the south, to enjoy the fullness of the views and natural light, and located the daytime area to the east, which allowed the home to get ample light throughout the day and also to enjoy the views of the city.


In this project, the location, orientation, and size of the land were fundamental to match our client’s vision for this house.

Designing a single-floor home always has its challenges, one of which is undoubtedly the configuration of the site. In this case, designing most of the house on the ground level was not a hindrance. Even so, we faced two main challenges: first, to decide how natural light would reach all the rooms of the house, and second, taking into account the steep slope of the terrain, which forces us to have a part of the home underground.

All the elements described so far showed us how we had to distribute the house. The study of diagrams and strategies of the project suggested that we separate the house into two large sections: the day area and the night area. In this way, we could maintain the privacy required by the areas dedicated to family members. The main element of the design process that needed to be addressed was the creation of a patio, which would ensure the distribution of natural light throughout, and allow passive ventilation within the home. The patio resulted in a very interesting element that marked a transition between the two large spaces of the home and took center stage.

The main element of the design process that needed to be addressed was the creation of a patio, which would ensure the distribution of natural light throughout, and allow passive ventilation within the home.

The part of the house that we kept underground allowed us to place the service and passage areas since these areas can do without views or natural light due to their function. We added rooms for facilities, corridors, or stairs. It was decided that the guest room could also occupy a non-privileged area based on its sporadic use. In addition, its location between the two wings allows the independent use of this room from the rest of the house, offering more autonomy and privacy to the guests.

The layout of the day area and the night area was determined by the path of the sun, the views, and the privacy of the terrain. The most functional solution was to locate the day area closer to the street, right next to the entrance and parking area of the house.


The heart of the project: the central courtyard. It allows one to experience and enjoy the spectacular environment.

The patio of the home acts as a central axis as well as a resource that brings views and natural light to the whole space. Another of its functions is to enhance the experience between the transition of the two main areas. Thanks to it, we could turn the passage areas into a visual adventure connected to nature and the environment. We also wanted to involve the entrance of the house in this experience. In addition, this main access distributes the day and night areas, bringing functionality to the construction.


Once entering the house, you have a route that follows into the courtyard. If we go to the day area, we enter an open space where we find the most formal area of the house. In this social space, we have the kitchen as the heart, with dining, and living areas. From the day area, we have the incidence of the sun throughout the day, allowing more than 180° visual degrees.

Thanks to the transparency of the space, we can enjoy the environment from any point in this area.

The kitchen has a large island that acts as a social and functional space, designed to become the meeting point for family or friends’ events. It is served by a small terrace facing east and designed to take advantage of the morning light, perfect for outdoor lunches.

The day area has direct contact with the patio and the outdoor space, where we placed a table designed for outdoor events. Thanks to the trees and their natural shelter, the area has adequate sun protection in summer and direct sunlight during the winter months.

We turned the transitory areas into a visual experience by creating constant communication with the exterior.

In the night area which is more private, we added a family living room that serves as a less formal and more secluded space that allows us to leave the day area behind us and conserve energy.

The master bedroom is the most important space in the night area. Thanks to the layout, we can enjoy the incidence of natural light and direct views of the environment. This room has direct contact with an outdoor area that acts as a space of contemplation, in addition to being a solarium; thereby creating a relaxing area where you can unwind and enjoy the outdoor space.

After several meetings with the client, we then decided to incorporate a second floor, designed for the client’s children, where we separated the space into two complete rooms and a common area, designed as a study, work, or play area. Each room has an independent terrace with lots of natural light.

The materialization of the project is a fundamental part of the final result. The house is designed with a Mediterranean lifestyle in mind, so the materials selected were focused on reflecting this.

The importance of the constant contact between interior and exterior and the transparency of volumes invited us to use versatile materials in both external and internal areas. Some, such as concrete, in addition to continuity, provide resistance, while allowing us to customize the finish and coloring. With this material, we achieve a uniformity that in turn allows us to leave part of the structure visible.




“I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism, your vision, and your dedication to the work.” - E.C., the client.

"I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for your professionalism, your visions, and your dedication to the work. The final proposal fully meets my requirements, and I can’t wait to start construction as soon as possible. l am so happy." - E.C., the client. 

Our philosophy is to always bring our knowledge of the world of design closer to our clients. Through our work, we communicate our understanding of the living experience that culminates in a home. After all, your home plays such an important and influential factor in your day-to-day life.

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